Alloy wheel refurbishment

 Diamond cut (alloy wheel diamond cut available upon request

We believe every vehicle should look its best, tired chipped paintwork, flaking, scuffed and kerbed wheels don’t only look cosmetically bad but can also cause the tyres to deflate quicker as there is not a good seal to the rim when the paint starts to flake. We offer a complete alloy wheel refurbishment service which is designed to restore damaged alloy wheels back to their original condition, less than the cost of a new wheel.

All our wheel refurbishments are carried out by hand to ensure a good clean durable finish. The choice of paint finish is entirely up to you. Prefer the wheels to be restored to their original look or fancy something a little more to your taste? We can work with you to get the look you desire. Also choose whether or not you need your wheels repaired/refurbished on an individual basis or as a complete set. Along with refurbishment if needed we can also supply & fit new tyres. Need assistance with tyres without the need for refurbishment? Then no problem.