What category of repair/damage do you fall into?

Smart Repair: Scuffs marks on the vehicle are both unsightly and have a negative effect on the cosmetic appearance and subsequent value of a vehicle. These can range from mirror covers, bumper corners, etc. These types of repairs can be done quickly and efficiently on site with the minimum of disruption caused.

Small Area Body repair: There are various types of scratches: Superficial scratches that rest on the clear-coat lacquer, or base paint and deep scratches that extend to the primer – or even as far down as the metal.

  • Superficial scratch repairs can be completed in a matter of hours, usually involving extensive polishing.

Dents and deep scratch repairs take more time, materials and care. They almost always require us to repaint the full panel containing the scratch.

  • Scratch and dent repairs can be the result of various mishaps including bumping into walls, pillars, other vehicles, key scratches, stone chips, careless parking (from your friendly neighbour in your local supermarket car park!), weather elements etc.

However your vehicle came to be dented or scratched, we have the skills, tools and the expertise to fix it, back to pre-accident showroom condition, this combination of skill and technology allows us to achieve flawless, guaranteed results  every time.

Rust Repair: General wear and tear over time can result in rust patches showing through, typically at wings, arches, etc.

  • Slight rust, small bubbles in paint, the panel would be stripped down to bare metal, treated, primed & painted.
  • More severe rust/corrosion may require panels to be replaced.

We would fully discuss this with you before completing any work, to give you the best outcome for your budget and vehicle.

What if the damage is more extensive?

Did you cause the damage? Again big or small, all makes & models can be repaired. Many of these repairs can be done privately, costing less than your Insurance excess. Thus saving you losing your no claims bonus.

If you choose to go through with the repair via your insurance company, as insurance approved repairers we can liaise directly with your provider and their assessors to get your car repaired and back on the road as soon as possible. We will do the legwork and take photos of the damage and send a written estimate for repair directly to their claims department, saving you from any hassle and stress. We repair your vehicle, you pay the excess, and we claim the remainder from them.